BestPlayerWins is a skill game portal where you can play a lot of different skill games and win great prizes. Every day, you can choose different competitions and try to win prizes. Every competition has their own game, prize and duration time. You can play as many times as you want as long as your subscription is active. If you have the best score in the game, when it ends, you win the prize!

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It’s most likely because you purchased or subscribed to our website with a 5-day trial recently for 49,95 NOK / 4.95 EUR / 49,95 SEK / 39,95 DKK / 4.95 CAD where you could get a delivery package with our promotional welcome bonus "MP3 Shuffle" in sign up, please check your bank account for this transaction and remember where you did put your credit card details on that date - the transaction was made with 3D Secure.

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